Government Incentives

On top of this payment you will also be paid an export payment for what is sent back to the grid of 4.85/kW. If the system is smaller than 30kW and you do not have a smart meter your exported electricity will not be measured and will be assumed to be 50% of everything you produce. For systems bigger than 30kW an export meter must be fitted by your power company to enable you to claim the export rate.

All FiT payments are tax free (as long as the property isn’t rented out) and index linked for 20 years.

To claim the FiT your system must be fitted by an MCS accredited company, to claim the maximum rate your building must also have an EPC certificate with a rating of D or better. Fitting a solar system will improve your EPC rating so if your building is currently a low E a 4kW system could get you to a D.Acis Energy are fully MCS certified and we can arrange your EPC through our assessors for domestic and commercial buildings if you don’t already have one.

Feed in Tariff

The Feed in Tariff (FiT) is paid by your energy company for every kW of energy you produce (not just what you export back to the grid) The current rates are in the table below.

Registering for the scheme

Registering for payments is simple. Firstly, we will add you to the central MCS database before sending you a certificate to confirm that your system complies with MCS standards. Next, you will need to tell your electricity supplier that you would like to register for the FIT and send them a completed application form along with your MCS certificate and the energy performance certificate. We are here to support you with this process and the paperwork to ensure everything is completed.

Your electricity supplier will check your installation against the MCS database and add you to the Ofgem Central FIT Register. They’ll also let you know when they need you to give meter readings, and tell you when to expect payment.

Feed-in tariff rates (valid 01/04/16 to 30/06/16)

Tariff Band Current
>10 kWp 4.39p
10-50 kWp 4.59p
50-250 kWp 2.7p
250 - 1MW 2.27p
<1MW .87p
For the latest tariffs please click this link


For larger power station sized systems the payments are made by trading ROC’s (renewable obligation certificates) the prices fluctuate but are around 10p/kW which is more attractive on larger systems than the FiT rate.