Commercial Storage Solutions

Generate income of £90,000 - £150,000 per MW of storage

When coupled to a solar PV installation you can store excess electicity to use during peak rate times

Charge the batteries from the grid on cheap tariffs and use at peak times even when no solar generated power is available

Avoid expensive Triad periods

Take advantage of lucrative National Grid contracts to even out grid demand

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Containerised Battery Systems

We partner with the UK’s largest manufacturer of containerised battery storage solutions, a standard 40′ container can house up to 2MW of batteries and all the switchgear. The Virtue battery storage system gives full load UPS to eliminate risks of power outage and saves running generators. If your site is struggling to get enough power from the local infrastructure without huge investment costs the battery storage solution can be used to shave periods of peak load demand allowing you to expand without the expense of power upgrade.

Think battery storage is expensive?

  • Taking advantage of a combination of grid frequency response, Triad charge avoidance and electricity rate savings can give a payback in around 4-7 years.
  • There are several funding models available which require no up-front cost to our clients
    • ESCo – investor retains ownership of the system and the customer retains a proportion of the energy savings and income streams usually around 20%, these can also be combined with a fully funded PV system
    • Rental – Customer rents the equipment and the savings/income give a cash positive return


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