Planning Conditions

Most local authorities will ask for an element of the energy used within a new development to be generated from a renewable source. In most cases the easiest and cheapest alternative is to fit solar PV to meet these conditions. We can work with your energy assessors to design and install systems to meet the conditions.

Domestic Systems

By far the most aesthetically pleasing solution for new build housing is to install roof integrated modules which replace the roof tiles and sit flush to the roofline. These systems are fitted on to the roof battens and installed before the tiles are fitted. As the solar panels replace some of the roof tiles the costs of the system can be price neutral against a standard hook and rail mounting system when the savings on roofing materials are taken into account.

We are experienced at working on busy construction sites and carry all the necessary qualifications and working practices required. We will issue detailed risk and method statements along with a program of works, all our site work is overseen by a dedicated project manager.