Solar Panel Optimisers

We offer Solaredge“Smart Panels” and optimisers as standard in most of our domestic systems. The small increase in cost over a conventional system is paid back very quickly with an increase in generated power of between 10-20%. All panels have slight variations in their performance, the Solaredge system will extract the maximum power from each panel

How it works

A conventional system links a series of panels together in a “string” usually around 8 panels on domestic systems and up to 23 on commercial sized. The “strings” of panels are like a series of batteries in a torch, if one of them isn’t working as well as the others due to shading or other factors the whole string will perform badly limiting the production of all the panels, just like having one dead battery in a torch and all the others brand new, the light isn’t very bright!

With a system fitted with panel optimisers or “smart panels” each one will produce its maximum capacity and send it back to the inverter, the overall effect, even when there is little shading, increases the yield significantly.

Other advantages

The panel positions are all mapped out and uploaded onto the cloud based monitoring portal so you can see what every panel is producing by day, month, year and lifetime. If there are problems they can be identified straight away.

Your system can be monitored via your computer or via a smartphone app.

Solaredge inverters are compatible with the new Tesla Power Wall and LG Chem battery storage systems.

Panels can face different directions and be on different roofs without having to compromise the system design.

When the power to the system is turned off all the panels are switched back to a safe voltage, on conventional system the power on the DC side of the system is always live when there is light available. This means the system is much safer to work on if required.

The system also comes with long guarantees, 25 years for the optimisers and 12 years (extendable to 25 at additional cost) on the inverters, the best guarantees of any inverter manufacturer

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Our industry approvals