Solar PV systems are extremely reliable but like most technologies an annual health check and test will keep them working in optimum condition to maximise performance. Our engineers are experienced with all types of inverters and will perform a full test on all the electrical components that make up the PV system along with following the inverter manufacturers annual maintenance regime.

The district network operator (DNO) will also require larger systems to have periodic testing of the systems protection settings to ensure they continue to comply with disconnection from the grid in line with the original specifications.

Maintenance Options

Option 1

AC Isolators Remove covers and check connections/operation
DC Isolators Remove covers and check connections/operation
String Tests Test voltage and current on individual strings.
Test irradiance and module temperature and record results
Inverter Cleaning Check heat sink is free from dirt
Remove cooling fan and clean*
Turn off DC string isolators and switch inverter DC isolator on and off   to clear carbon
Inverter running status Check for normal sound emitted while running
Run through fault code menu
Check inverter settings are correct
Test G59 disconnection and re-connection speed is in line with DNO specification
Inverter Wiring Check connections are secure
Check wiring for insulation damage
Check port covers are in place
Generation Meter Check LED status and CT clamps
Record meter reading and analyse
PV Modules Check condition of PV modules and recommend cleaning where required
Check MC4 connector plugs are not exposed
Check array shading and make recommendations
Mounting System Check mountings are secure and tighten if required
Containment Check containment fixings are secure and condition of cable trays
Check cables secure in containment
Fireman Switches* Test switch off and re-energise
G59 Relay* Test protection settings and timed disconnect
Reports Service paperwork and maintenance recommendations issued
*Where Fitted

Option 2 -Full Operation and Maintenance

Our full operation and maintenance package includes 365-day monitoring of the generation system (additional monitoring equipment may be required at extra cost), 1 annual service visit, agreed number of call out visits and replacement of any faulty components at cost prices.

Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar panels have self-cleaning glass but in some cases heavy bird fouling can cause the system to become inefficient, we can arrange for specialist solar cleaning when required.