• Meggitt PLC - 2.6MW Roof Mounted System

    In 2019 we installed one of the biggest roof mounted solar PV systems in the UK. This 2,600kW system will produce around 2 million kW's of electricity /year. The system took 3 months to build and has over 9,500 solar panels and around 20km of cable! Meggitt estimate the system will cover 25% of the Aerospace manufacturers power requirement.

  • Amazon - Coventry

    In August 2017 we installed a 437 panel system to the new Amazon European distribution hub. The system comprises 4 Fronius inverters with a string level remote monitoring system, lightning strike protection and a zero-export facility to integrate with the local network. Acis undertook complete design, installation and commissioning of the system which will produce around 94MW/year.
  • Homeless Foundation – iKozie

    *photo courtesy of "The Guardian"
    The iKozie is a self-contained unit designed as accommodation for a single homeless person as a stepping stone to independent living. The concept was devised and implemented by the Homeless Foundation in Worcestershire. Acis are proud to have supported this initiative with the installation of a 2.2kW PV system to get the building to a class A energy efficiency standard.
  • London Taxi Company - New Factory

    Installation of 100kW system on London Taxi’s new state of the art £350m electric vehicle manufacturing facility in Coventry. The system comprises 385 Sharp solar modules and 3 Huawei inverters. The system also incorporates a fire safety shut down system that can be initiated from reception to protect firefighters working on the roof in an emergency. This requirement is becoming increasingly common and we have several solutions available depending on the system installed. The system will produce around 83MW/year.
  • Roof Integrated Panels

    Roof integrated panels fitted to a new build housing development in Worcestershire. The panels fit directly to the roof battens via a mounting tray, the finished is look is much more aesthetically pleasing than a standard railed system. On a new build project it makes great sense, the saving on roofing materials and labour offset the extra cost of the system making it cost neutral. It can also be applied to existing slate or tiled roofs.
  • Howdens Joinery - Raunds

    Howden Joinery’s national distribution warehouse in Northamptonshire was bespoke built at a cost of £75m. Acis Energy designed and installed the 120kW PV system which incorporates 460 Winaico panels and 4 SMA inverters. The system is monitored by a cluster controller that also allows the system to throttle back to prevent exporting power to the grid which was a requirement by the local network operator before it could be connected. The system will produce around 100MW/year.
  • Travis Perkins Regional Distribution Centre

    Acis Energy installed a 30kW PV system on Travis Perkins new distribution hub in Coventry. The system was designed to provide enough power to charge the battery powered fork lift equipment onsite making them carbon neutral. Acis Energy worked closely with the main contractor, Winvic Construction, and consultants, CPW, to deliver the system to the client’s specification in just 4 days.

  • Optimus Point

    We designed and installed two PV systems for our client to enable them to obtain the highest performance rating for their new buildings. The two new distribution warehouses in Leicestershire which have a combined area of nearly 500,000 SQ FT, have been built to an energy rating of “Excellent” in line with the client’s environmental policy. The energy from the PV system is supplied direct to the units LV panel and provides the buildings with zero carbon free electricity.

  • 10kW Thomas Brothers Redditch

    Thomas Brothers funeral directors in Redditch installed a 10kW system using 40 smart panels on a new extension at their head office premises. The 10kW system uses the latest smart panel technology to optimise every panel to maximise the output, the system is installed on a single phase supply using 2 Solaredge single phase inverters. The system is monitored via an online cloud based portal and can be viewed in real time by our client via a smartphone ap

  • 90kW Derby NHS Hospital

    London Road NHS hospital installed a 90kW solar system linked to 3 Power One inverters. The installation coincided with the hospital installing ground source heat pumps to heat and cool the building. The PV will offset the electricity required to run them the new heating system maximising the power generated by turning every kW of free solar power into 4kW of heat.

  • London Fire Brigade - Rihcmond and Kingston

    Our team designed and installed systems retrofitted to 2 fire stations in West London, the system are installed on a mixture of flat roof and pitched tiled roofs

  • Heathrow Airport - Toll Global

    Our team worked with the electrical contractors on site to design and install 2 large 50kW systems on new bonded warehouses at Heathrow Airport.

  • Student Accommodation Leicester

    We worked with the electrical contractors to install over 110kW of PV across 4 new build student accommodation blocks in the centre of Leicester, the systems where all flat roofs and used a variety of different smart panels and conventional systems to overcome shading issues from parapets and to maximise the clients return on investment.

  • 4.4kW Solar PV with Battery Storage

    This 4.4kW domestic solar PV system uses a hybrid inverter which diverts excess solar generated energy to 4.8kW of battery storage allowing the client to use their free solar generated power after the sun goes down. The battery storage system will also run the household energy requirements in the event of a power cut, switching over automatically.

  • 15kW Essex Farm

    Our team designed and installed a 15kW 60 panel PV system to a storage building on a farm in Essex, our client chose us even though we were some distance away because of our technical expertise and we were significantly less than he’d been quoted locally.

  • Commercial Trading Estate Uxbridge

    Our team worked with the electrical contractors to design and install 11 PV systems to a new trading estate in West London, the systems where a variety of sizes and enabled the client to meet his planning obligations and carbon reduction targets.

  • 5.5kW Domestic Installation

    We designed and installed a 5.5kW PV system to a domestic property in Worcestershire. The system comprises of 21 black smart panels most of which are hidden from view. The system is installed on a single phase supply which required us to gain permission from the local power network operator to install.

  • 2 x 1kW systems on new build houses

    Our smallest installations so far, we were employed by the property developer to install systems that would meet his planning obligations, the installations had to be done on a tight time frame and were installed and working within 7 days of the builder 1st contacting us.

  • 100kW system for Costco

    Our team worked with the new stores building contractors to deliver a 100kW+ sized system on the roof of a new superstore in West London. The installation on the stores flat roof will supply enough carbon free power to meet the tough planning obligations.

  • 4kW system featured on TV

    A 4kW system installed by our team on a new domestic property in The New Forest featured on the BBC2 program “Building a Dream Home”. The property is constructed using a modular building technique as is one of the most energy efficient buildings in the UK.

  • 2.2kW system extension on a Garden Shed

    Our client had already maximised the roof space available on his house for PV panels and wanted to install as much as possible on his property so we installed this 2.2kW extension to his existing system using all black smart panels on a garden shed.

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